Prof. Yuan Li / Dean of the School of Economics & Management

Dr. Yuan Li is Distinguished Professor of Tongji University, and Dean of the School of Economics & Management, Vice-chairman member of Advisory Committee for Management Science & Engineering, Ministry of Education, vice chairman of China Management Science & Engineering Association, director of IACMR Consulting Committee, standing member of China Management Modernization Society, director of Technology & Innovation Management Committee, standing member of China Science & Technology Society, member of APJM (SSCI Journal) Editorial Advisory Board,member of Journal Enterprise Information Systems(SCI Journal)Editorial Advisory Board. Prof. Li had assumed the dean of School of Management, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, and Executive Dean of Antai College of Economics & Management.

In 1996, he has received the State Council special allowance. In 1999, Prof. Li gained the support from Yong Talents Program of the National Natural Science Foundation. He was selected as Shan Xi Third Five Talent in 2002 and Chang-Jiang Scholar Professor & Distinguished Professor awarded by Ministry of Education in 2005.

Since 2005, Prof. Li has published over 60 papers in international journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Journal of management studies, Journal of operations management, ETP, MOR, etc. Prof. Li edited the Eleventh Five-year textbook of General Management. He has been awarded 10 provincial prizes including 2 first-class Science and Technology Award prize, 4 second-class Science and Technology Award prize, 1 provincial Science and Technology Progress Award prize, 1 second-class Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education Award prize, 1 third-class Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education Award prize, and 1 second-class Teaching Achievement Award prize. His foundation project was evaluated as Special Excellence. He completed 4 National Nature Science Foundation Programs, 2 National Soft Program. As one of the hosts, He completed European Asia-Link Program: ICM and he completed over 10 company projects. As a chief expert, Prof. Li is now a project leader for a Society & Science Major Program of MOE. And now he is taking charge of a key project of National Natural Science Foundation(NNSF) and a project of Community of Innovation Fund Project of NNSF, China.