Michael Condry / Chair, Advisory Board for ClinicAI

Michael is currently the Chair, of the Advisory Board for ClinicAI, Inc.  ClinicAI is a BioMedical startup company providing technology for early detections as cancer using accurate and noninvasive methodology. Michael’s career spans both academic and industry positions, mostly in industry.

In addition to ClinicAI startup, his industry experience includes senior leadership roles in major corporations such as Intel, Sun, and AT&T Bell Laboratories. At Intel, Michael retired after being the Chief Technical Officer in the Client Division.  He also was engaged in customer issues with security, and product design using new technologies. Michael came to Intel from Sun to lead Networking Applications research in Intel Labs. Michael’s CTO role focused on customer innovation and design cost optimization; his responsibilities also included technical staff development where he established a successful program for stronger technical skills near the customer. His technical leadership plus efforts in technical staff development at Intel awarded him and his team the prestigious Intel Quality Award in 2015. At Sun he led the development of UNIX standards as well as improved the architecture processes by engineering. At AT&T he was one of the architects for the BellMac 32 processor, the first 32 bit microprocessor on the market and lead software projects including a Real-Time Unix design and Unix System V file system.  He held teaching and research positions at Princeton University and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. While at the University of Illinois he served on then Senator Al Gore committee on the internet.  His background includes projects in computer architecture, software, firmware, operating systems, networking, IoT, internet applications, standards, and computer security.  Michael retired from Intel in June 2015.

Michael has patents in computer architecture and security. He has published many technical papers and regularly presents keynotes at technical conferences

Michael, an IEEE Fellow, has many years engaging in the IEEE. He is the President of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS).  Michael is a senior board member for the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), he created and chairs the IEEE Industry Forum series that has successfully engaged industry in over 20 conferences.  Michael is also a member of the IEEE Computer Society for over 29 years. He has chaired many IEEE conferences as well as the Industry Forum program in multiple societies.