Jihong Sanderson / co-founder of AI Business Lab (AIBL).

Sanderson is a visiting professor at Peking University. She is co-founder of AI Business Lab (AIBL). She is a leading scholar in the areas of globalization,management of technology and innovation for China, and author of several popular selling books:

《The AI Next Door:Strategic Business Road Map for Artificial Intelligent Technology》,2017 CITIC Publisher(Chinese,reprint five times);

《The Era of Everyone:Total Solution for E3 world 》,2015 CITIC Publisher  Chinese,reprint 12 times);

《Next Step: the Path Options for Chinese Firms Going Global》,2006 CITIC Publisher

《Doing Business in China》,2008 DK publisher ,a popular selling book in more than 20 countries

 From 2003-2011,Sanderson served as a faculty member at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and has served Executive Director of the Center for Research on Chinese & American Strategic Cooperation at UC Berkeley. Since 2008, Sanderson also serves as a visiting professor at Peking University. Sanderson has been a global strategic consultant, helping MNCs and foreign investors initiate and optimize their businesses in China at the global level, and advising Chinese firms on expanding globally. She serves as an expert witness in cases related to China and US business and culture (including case: BP vs. SOPO, and the most recent case: US Government vs. Ge&Li).