Dr. Chris Gwo Giun Lee / Director, Bioinfotronics Research Center, National Cheng Kung University

Dr. Chris Gwo Giun Lee

Director, Bioinfotronics Research Center, National Cheng Kung University

Chris Gwo Giun Lee is an investigator in the signal processing systems field including multimedia and bioinformatics. His system design work, based on analytics of algorithm concurrently with architecture, entitled Algorithm/Architecture Co-Design (AAC), has made computations on System-on-Chip, edge and cloud platforms possible in resolving complex problems accurately and efficiently. 

     Chris’ work have contributed to 130+ original research and technical publications with the invention of 50+ patents worldwide.  His AAC work was used by industry in deploying more than 50 million LCD panels worldwide. Two of these patents were also licensed by US health industry for development of analytics platform based precision medicine products (Boston, MA, June 1, 2015, GLOBE NEWSWIRE).  Chris’ AAC work has also been pivotal in delivering feasible and realistic international standards, including 3D extension of HEVC and Reconfigurable Video Coding in ISO/IEC/MPEG, for applications requiring processing of big multimedia data. His low-complexity 3D video coding technology was also included in MPEG.   

     Chris worked for Philips Semiconductor as a system architect and project leader in the Silicon Valley.  He was recruited to National Cheng Kung University in 2003 where he founded and currently leads the Bioinfotronics Research Center. The center conducts highly multidisciplinary research having collaborations with: IBM TJ Watson Research Center on Cloud/Reconfigurable Computing; National Center for High-performance Computing, National Research Laboratory, Taiwan together with Inform Genomics Inc., found by scientists from MD Anderson Cancer Research Center, Harvard Medical School, and MIT, on analytics architecture/platform based Precision Medicine; Banner Alzheimer Institute on Intelligent Health Cloud; National Taiwan University on Harmonically Generated Microscopy Medical Image Processing; and Hualien Tzuchi Medical Center on Mobile Health.