Conference Co-chairs:     


                                                             Michael Condry (USA, IEEE TEMS President)                                                                     Jiang Wei (China, Zhejiang University)

                 Dr. Michael Condry, President, IEEE TEMS; CTO of Client Division, Intel Corporation (Retired)            Professor and Dean, School of Management, Zhejiang University

Program Co-chairs:


                         Xiaohong Iris Quan (USA, IEEE TEMS AdCom)                Tugrul Daim (Editor-in-Chief, IEEE TEM)                            Yang Liu (China, Zhejiang University)

                                    Professor, Lucas Graduate and                        Professor and Director, Technology Management                    ZJU-100 Young Professor, School of 

                     College of Business, San Jose State University, USA                Program, Portland State University                               Management, Zhejiang University, China   


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Industry Forum Chair:


Andy Chen (IEEE TEMS President 2020/2021)

Marketing Co-Chairs:


                                                                          Sherry Ning Feng Chen                                                                                       Oliver Yu (USA, IEEE TEMS)

                                    Co-Founder of NASDAQ/Shanghai-listed Yintech Investment Holdings           Executive in Residence, College of Business, San Jose State University

Publication Chair:

Rabiz N. Foda (IEEE TEMS).


Dilip Kotak (Canada), Ms. Tang (China, Zhejiang University)


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