Call for Papers

       2019 International Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship  


Hangzhou, China

October 24 – 26, 2019

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Markets

The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society conference International Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (or TEMS-ISIE for short) is a conference focused on the challenges and practices of technology management and business innovation in today’s business environments.   This is a global conference with a consideration for global challenges.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship using technology impacts many areas beyond the traditional IT scope. This includes area such as transportation, medicine, and agriculture where new technology is having a significant impact.  The conference focuses on the studies, cases, and practices involved in managing technology businesses, both new and traditional.  The event includes an Industry Forum where industry leaders speak on the directions and challenges they see in industry, its use of technology and how to manage it.  Emerging Markets is a key area of interest for this event.

Major topic areas include:

Entrepreneurship and its ecosystem

Selected papers will have the opportunity to be published in a special issue of our flagship journals. This would include research articles suitable for our journal IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (IEEE TEM) and practical and case study articles suitable for our journal of practice, the IEEE Engineering Management Review (IEEE EMR).  All papers would have to be suitably expanded beyond the conference paper for IEEE TEM. IEEE EMR submissions would need to be edited, targeted and formatted for one of three types of papers published by IEEE EMR.  Each paper will be subject to the corresponding journal’s rigorous peer review process. For further details, please refer to

The conference will host an Industry Forum inviting speakers from industry leaders around the world that will provide visions and industry in a rapidly developing technology world.

In addition to these core technology management topics, we will open the door to special sessions on management during these challenging times as seen by sponsoring societies, for example, particular management issues as seen within computer, communications, and electronics areas.  This is one of the TEMSCON series of conferences offered by IEEE TEMS.

Important Dates:       

Paper Submission Due: 15 August 2019

Notification of Acceptance: 1 September 2019 or sooner

Author Registration Due: 15 September 2019

Late Registration Begins: 16 September 2019

Normal Registration/Hotel Block Deadline: 1 October 2019  

Organizing Committee:

General Co-chairs: Michael Condry (USA, IEEE TEMS President), Jiang Wei (China, Zhejiang University)

Program Co-chairs:  Xiaohong “Iris” Quan (USA, San Jose State University), Tugrul Daim (Editor-in-Chief, IEEE TEM), Yang Liu (China, Zhejiang University)

Industry Forum Chair: Andy Chen (Canada IEEE TEMS President 2020/2021)

Marketing Co-chairs: Oliver Yu (USA, IEEE TEMS), Sherry Chen (China, Shanghai Panhou Capital)

Treasurers: Ms. Tang (China, Zhejiang University)

Webmasters: Heng Quan (SJSU), Andanagouda Patil (IEEE TEMS)

Publication Chair: Rabiz N. Foda (IEEE TEMS).